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titleNew Feature

Newly introduced in Joget Workflow v5

Advanced Grid is best described as a Grid with rich inline editing transformation. Depending on the target field, the Advanced Grid element would mimic the original target type for accurate and richer data entry capability.

Figure 1: Screenshot highlighting Advanced Grid in Form Builder


Figure 3: Screenshot highlighting Advanced Grid on Date Picker element in Form Builder

A Date Picker will show up when editing as the source field itself is a date picker element.

Figure 4: Screenshot highlighting Advanced Grid on Select Box element in Form Builder

A Select Box will show up when editing as the source field itself is a select box element.

Figure 5: Advanced Grid Properties


Figure 6: Advanced Grid Properties - UI

Search Enable search capability within the grid data itself.

Determines if the element is editable.

Disable Add Feature Determines if a new row can be added.
Disable Delete Feature 

Determines if a row can be removed.

Delete confirmation message Confirmation message when deleting a row.
Show Row Numbering? Shows numbering on the grid.
Key to save cell Keyboard key to use to determine when to save and move on to the next cell.
Edit hint Edit hint message.
Record Per Page Paging Parameter - Record to show per Page
Paging Options Paging Parameter - Paging Options

Figure 7: Advanced Grid Properties - Validation & Data Binder