Figure 1: Create New Form

Figure 2: Create New Form - Advanced Options

Form ID

Unique ID to represent this entity.

Naming convention

A standard naming convention is highly recommended to be used across the development of your App to maintain consistency and ease maintenance works.

Camel case naming convention is recommended for this field.

Example: leaveApplicationForm

Reserved IDs

Do not use the following reserved IDs as ID of Form, Section and Field. "appId, appVersion, version, userviewId, menuId, key, embed".

Form Name

Name to represent this entity.


Leave Application Form

Table Name

Table name to store form data to.

Naming convention

As the table name is related to the database, we highly recommend the use of database naming conventions, e.g. leave_applications

DescriptionEntity description.
Duplicate form settings and elements fromWith the above information filled up, one can choose to clone the design from existing Form entity.

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