You will only need to do this if you are using MySQL, as other databases already default to "READ-COMMITTED".

Run following queries in MySQL.



You will also need to set the following in your my.cnf/my.ini file.
transaction-isolation = READ-COMMITTED


ID Generator Field is used to produce a running number based on an Environment variable.  To learn more about its usage, refer to Generate Reference ID.

Figure 1: Screenshot highlighting ID Reference Field in sample HR Expenses Claim app

Screenshots in this article obtained from http://localhost:8080/jw/web/console/app/hr_expense/1/form/builder/hr_expense_new

Figure 2: ID Generator Field Properties


Element ID (By declaring as "ref", a corresponding database table column "c_ref" will be created)

Note when using this element when the form is part of a workflow process

Do not set the id as "id" when the form is used as part of a workflow process. The value generated by this element will not be associated with process instance's ID.

LabelElement Label to be displayed to end user.
Environment Variable Name

Name of the environment variable to be used to keep the running number.


Determines the pattern of the generated value (e.g., "REF-?????" will yield "REF-00001")

Figure 3: ID Generator Field Properties - Advanced Options


Determines if the element should be made visible in the form.

Workflow Variable

If the form is part of a workflow process, upon saving of the form (by clicking on "Save as Draft" or "Complete" button). The value in this input field will be saved into the corresponding workflow variable named here.

Using a non-existent Workflow Variable name

You will get the following warning with the name printed out (e.g. status) in the server log if you attempt to map to a non-existent Workflow Variable.

context attribute status does not exist in process context - adding new attributes to the process context is not allowed

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