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This generator plugin will generate a generic approval process flow together with complementing forms and userview menu item into your existing app from a form. The form intended to be generated from should be a application/request form.

Figure 1: Approval process flow template

Figure 2: Screenshot highlighting the series of form that is created to complement the process flow

Figure 3: Screenshot showing Generate Process - Approval Process plugin in Generate App function

Figure 4: Generate Process - Approval Process Properties

Category Label

Define the category label to be appended into the target Userview below.

Start Process Menu LabelDefine the Process Start menu label to be created under the new category defined above.
Process NameProcess name label
DatalistChoose the Datalist to be associated with the Datalist Inbox that will be created in the new Userview category.
UserviewChoose the Userview to append the new Userview category into.

Figure 5: Generate Process - Approval Process Properties - Advanced Options



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