Unlike the generic Sub Form element found in the community edition, AJAX Sub Form gives you the flexibility of dynamically populating a Subform as the value it watches changes.

Data to load by the AJAX Subform

The target's form Load Binder will be executed to fetch record matched from the properties defined in AJAX Subform.

Figure 1: Screenshot highlighting AJAX Subform in Form Builder

Figure 2: Screenshot highlighting AJAX Subform in Form Builder Preview

Figure 3: AJAX Subform Properties

IDElement ID (By declaring as "view_existing_claim", a corresponding database table column "c_view_existing_claim" will be created)
LabelElement Label to be displayed to end user.

Target Form to be loaded.

Usage of Hash Variable

The use of Hash Variables inside the target form is permissible but may be limited due to the nature of how the form is loaded.

Example 1: One can use #requestParam.primaryKey# to access the record ID.

Example 2: One can use #form.tableName.fieldId[{requestParam.primaryKey}]# to access field value of the given record ID.

Figure 4: AJAX Subform Properties - UI

Reload Sub Form when Parent Field value change?

Dynamically reload the subform when parent field value changes.

Parent Field value here refers to the

Parent Field to keep Subform ID setting in the next tab.

Determines if the element is editable.

Display field as Label when readonly?

Displays the value of the element as plain text when element is set to "Readonly".

Display without frame?
Decorator option. Removes default styling applied to SubForm when checked.
Make the AJAX Subform collapsible.
Label when expanded
Label when expanded
Label when collapsed
Label when collapsed
Expanded by default?
Expanded by default option.
Hide when no value?
To hide the AJAX Subform when there's no data to be loaded.

Figure 5: AJAX Subform Properties - Data & Binder

Parent Field to keep Subform ID
ID of the field in the parent form to store the Sub Form table's primary key. Sub Form data will be loaded based on the record ID retrieved from this field.
Subform Field to keep Parent ID

ID of the field in the Sub Form form to store the parent table's primary key.

Store Binder 

By default, Workflow Form Binder plugin is used for loading and storage of form data in the AJAX Subform, you may override it with other plugins.


The target form's Store Binder will not be executed. The Store Binder selected in this property will be executed instead.

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