This binder will return a list of users found in the directory manager.

Figure 1: User Options Binder Properties

Select OrganizationRefine the selections by selecting a organization.
Select DepartmentRefine the selections by selecting a department.
Select GroupRefine the selections by selecting a group.
Add Empty OptionIf checked, an empty option will be added to the selections.
Empty Option LabelEmpty option label. Only in use when Add Empty Option is checked.
Grouping by
  • None
  • Organization
  • Department
  • Grade
Use AJAX for cascade options?

When checked, this allows these fields to dynamically load available options based on the other field value (grouping column) when dealing with tremendous amount of selections. Read more at Ajax Cascading Drop-Down List.

Not applicable for Form Binder. Only available when used as an Options Binder.



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