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Table of Contents

Source Code Repository

The source code for Joget Workflow Source code is available at

You can view other version the source code for other versions by using the branch switcher in github platformGitHub.

Build Source Code

1. Install Prerequisites

  • Install JDK 7 or above. Please make sure "JAVA_HOME" is set.
  • Install MySQL 5 or above.
  • Install Apache Maven 2.2.1 or above. Please make sure "mvn" command is able to execute be executed from the command line.
  • Install Subversion Client or Github Client.

2. Install 3rd Party Libraries

  • Download and unzip the file
  • In the exacted extracted folder, run "" for Linux and Mac or run "install_win.bat" for Window.

3. Obtain Source

While At the time of writing this guide, the latest 5.0 version source code is 5.0-SNAPSHOT. You can obtain the source code by following method.methods:

Direct Download

You will found the following find a download button on the right sidebar.

Checkout using Subversion Client


Clone using Github Client 

        Refer to set up git to initial Set Up Git to initialize your Github account. 

Code Block
git clone --branch 5.0-SNAPSHOT

4. Configure Datasource for Test Case

  • Joget workflow has Workflow contains unit test cases that required database accessrequires access to a running MySQL database.
  • To configure a datasource, navigate to your user home.:
    • e.g. , In windowWindows: cd C:\Users\myuser\ . 
    • e.g. , In Ubuntu: cd /home/myuser/
    • e.g. , In Mac: cd /Users/myuser/
  • Download and extract the file in your user home.
  • You will found find the files "" and "" exist in your the "wflow" folder.
  • Configure "" with your MySql MySQL server username and password.

    Code Block
  • Create a "jwdb" database in your MySql MySQL Server with the "jwdb-empty.sql" file located in the source code directory "wflow-install/src/main/resources/data/".

5. Build Project

  • Navigate into the wflow-app directory in source code directory.
  • Build the wflow-app directory using maven commandApache Maven commands.

    Code Block
    cd wflow-app
    mvn clean install