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Select a form to store the account data to.

All fields from the selected form will be made available for field mapping in the section below.

Field Mapping
Account Mnemonic Phrase

This is the secret key used to access the generated account.
In the event if account data is lost, this phrase can be used on a qualified wallet to recover the account.

This value is stored as an encrypted value in the database.


Account Mnemonic Phrase MUST be strictly secured at all times, and only viewable to the intended user.

Anyone who possesses this phrase has full unrestricted control and can do irreparable damage!

Account Owner FieldThe field to store the owner of the newly generated account.
Account Owner Value

To set the account owner value to the field selected on Account Owner Field property.

Hash variable is accepted here. Typically points to an actual Joget user, e.g. : Joget username.

Is Test Account FlagTo indicate if this is a real or test account.
Is Multisig Account FlagThe field to store the account's enterprise address toTo indicate if this is a multi-signature or regular single-key account.
Multisig Account Signers

Only available if Set As Multisig Account property is checked.

The field to store the signer IDs of the newly generated multi-sig account.