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Auto Archive automatically archives the completed processes to achieve better operational performance. One may click on the button as shown in Figure 2 to enable Auto Archive. Alternatively, one may refer to Figure 3 and select Archive Process On Completion under Process Completion Data Handling tab.

The purpose of the "Archive Process On Completion" feature is for faster performance when Joget works with the SHK process tables for active processes, by keeping the main SHK tables "small". Process archiving on completed processes "moves" the process records to the following DB tables: wf_history_activity, wf_history_process, wf_process_link_history. The archived processes are still  accessible in the "Admin Bar > Monitor screen" or via database queries on the above process history tables.

Figure 2 shows the button to enable Auto Archive. 

The "Enable" button in "Monitor > Completed Processes" screen migrates (move) all completed process records to the history tables. We would recommend you perform the "Enable" after office hours as this will cause your Joget database to be very busy depending on how many completed process records you have in your system.

Figure 3 shows the Settings.