For monitoring purposes, administrators are able to track state of all processes.

Monitor Menu

1. In the Admin Bar on the right, click on Monitor.


2. The Running Processes and Completed Processes menus on the left show a list of running and completed processes respectively. Read Running Processes and Completed Processes for more information.


3. Clicking on a specific process brings up the details of the process, along with a list of all the past and current process activities.


4. The Audit Trail menu displays a list of audit trail information which includes user authentication. Read Audit Trail for more information.


5. The Tomcat Logs menu is for administrator to download the Tomcat log files to their local hard disk. This menu is not available for users of Joget Cloud On-Demand. Read Tomcat Logs for more information.

6. The System Logs menu is for administrator to view the latest Tomcat logs (up to a maximum of 200kb log text) for troubleshooting purposes. Click on the Download button to download the the logs into a text file. Read Web App Log Viewer for more information. 

7. You can now view the system logs of different nodes in a cluster environment for Joget Cloud On-Demand (See The Figure at step 6a).


8. The Governance Health Check menu is for administrator to view the status of Performance, Quality Assurance, and Security of Joget up to the last 1 week. Read Governance Health Check for more information.


9. The Performance menu is for administrator to view the performance of Joget up to the last 30 days via charts. Read Application Performance Management for more information.


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