Web App Log Viewer enables the administrators to view the logs on the web console for viewing and finding errors.

There are 2 types of logs:

  • System Logs - displays system-wide log information and errors as well as all Apps
  • App-specific Logs - displays log information and errors related to the selected App

How do I view the System Logs in the web console?

  1. Log in as an administrator
  2. Open up the Administrator Bar
  3. Click on Monitor
  4. Click on System Logs

How do I view the App-specific Logs?

  1. Log in as administrator
  2. Hover on an app until a pencil icon is displayed 
  3. Click on the scroll icon to access the App Composer
  4. Click on Logs

Web App Log Viewer properties

DownloadDownload the log file

Displays all newly added lines from a log file in real time on the web console.


New Feature

BeanShell Exception Handling

This is a new feature for Joget DX version 8.1 onwards.

  • Log error line number for easier debugging and tracing

BeanShell Log

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