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The Joget Mobile App supports push notifications for both Android and iOS devices.

To do so, do install the Mobile Push Notification Plugin into your Joget server.


5. At this point, the configuration is complete. If a mobile device running the Joget Mobile App has a configured profile to this Joget server, it will receive a push notification whenever a new task assignment is created for the user.

How to test PWA user notification:

1. On the Joget app on HTTPS, go to Properties & Export and add the "Default User Notification" plugin. Do not check the "Disable Web Push Notifications" property (Don't enable).

2. On your Android mobile Chrome browser, go to "Settings" and allow notifications. 

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3. Open your mobile Chrome browser and log in as 'admin' to the Joget cloud site.

4. The browser will prompt you to allow "Joget URL wants to send you notifications", and click "Allow".

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5. Log in to Joget on HTTPS and run a new task to submit a task to 'Admin'. On mobile, you need to log in as 'Admin' too.

6. Your mobile Chrome browser should buzz/ring that you have a new Joget notification.

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7. Clicking on the notification will open the Joget app in your mobile Chrome browser.

The login as 'admin' is just an example, you can use any username. You do not need to use any other notification plugin except the default User Notification plugin in each app that you want to allow PWA notification.