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Go to System Settings > Directory Manager Settings > Configure Plugin(Security Enhanced Directory Manager).

You are able to change the Hard Session Timeout period to a predetermined amount of hours. In accordance with the current best practices, Joget does not offer the option to set the timer lower than 8 hours within the app. However, if you are insistent on customizing the value, you are able to do so by changing a couple values inside the database.

To customize the Hard Session Timeout period:

  1. Using a database manager, query as follows:
    1. SELECT * FROM wf_setup WHERE property="directoryManagerImplProperties";
  2. In the "value" column, copy and paste the data into any notepad program.
  3. Search for the string "hardSessionTimeoutHours":"8" and change the value to "hardSessionTimeoutHours":"1".
  4. Paste the data back into the table "value" column and save the record.

The idle session timeout setting is an Apache Tomcat feature, it is not a Joget feature. Kindly read here for more information on the idle session timeout setting in Apache Tomcat. From other users' experiences, some timeout issues may be caused by some web proxy software and were resolved after the client switched to Apache web proxy.