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Protected apps are protected against unauthorized copying and installation:

Joget License Based On Total Apps

The App-Based License  is determined by the number of applications developed and deployed within the system.
By choosing this license type, you can also request for a Joget license with apps count protection.

The app license count applies to the first three apps based on appId in ascending order for published apps. 
For example, if you request a Joget license for 3 apps

This license will provide a license for the first three apps based on appId in ascending order for published apps (including the app center)  with unlimited users
To exclude the app center from being counted, you can delete the default app center app and use the setting in "System Settings > General Settings > Default Userview" to another app.

Types of apps

Normal apps and "protected" apps.

Normal Apps:
  • Normal apps are the current apps that behave as usual. 
  • Exported app definition is still stored in plain XML and works across both Community Edition and Enterprise Edition.
Protected Apps:
  • Protected apps are those that require an app license to function. 
  • "Protected App" (and expiry date, if applicable) is displayed in the Design App page.
  • Exported app definition is encrypted, and form definition in DB is also encrypted.
  • By default, an app license is tied to the specific app ID and the "Licensed To" string in the platform license. For example, if you have 2 machines with platform licenses issued to "Company XYZ, Inc.", the same app license can be used on both. 
  • There is an optional feature to support app-level activation (i.e., apps can also be tied to the system key).
  • There is an optional feature to preserve the app design - known as "Protected Readonly App".
  • App licenses can also have expiry dates.
  • Protected apps with invalid/expired licenses will display a form to key in the app license.

Figure 1 : Protected App (HR Expenses Claim App)