App Protection

All apps developed and licensed on the Joget DX Enterprise Edition platform can be copy-protected.
Once the license is in place and activated, you can request for the App Protection through here 

Protected apps are protected against unauthorized copying and installation:

Types of apps

Normal apps and "protected" apps.

Normal Apps:
  • Normal apps are the current apps that behave as usual. 
  • Exported app definition is still stored in plain XML and works across both Community Edition and Enterprise Edition.
Protected Apps:
  • Protected apps are those that require an app license to function. 
  • "Protected App" (and expiry date, if applicable) is displayed in the Design App page.
  • Exported app definition is encrypted, and form definition in DB is also encrypted.
  • By default, an app license is tied to the specific app ID and the "Licensed To" string in the platform license. For example, if you have 2 machines with platform licenses issued to "Company XYZ, Inc.", the same app license can be used on both. 
  • There is an optional feature to support app-level activation (i.e., apps can also be tied to the system key).
  • There is an optional feature to preserve the app design - known as "Protected Readonly App".
  • App licenses can also have expiry dates.
  • Protected apps with invalid/expired licenses will display a form to key in the app license.

Figure 1 : Protected App (HR Expenses Claim App)

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