This article is applicable to app designers who want to distribute their Joget apps with app protection. 


1. Exporting the App

From your Joget DX8's App Center, launch the App Composer of the App you wish to export by clicking the Pencil icon.

Click Versions if you wish to check the App version you are exporting, then click Export to export your App.

Check those you wish to export and click Export again.

A .jwa file will be downloaded to your computer.

2. Request for App Protection

Open your web browser, navigate to our License Activation site here

Click on Request for App Protection.

  • Fill up all the fields in "Description" using this template, attach the exported app jwa file in "Files" and submit.

    App ID (Mandatory)    : 
    App Title (Mandatory) : 
    App Description       : 
    Licensed To           :
    Protected Readonly    : Yes / No
    Requires Activation? (Tied to system) : Yes / No
  • You will receive an email containing further instructions.

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