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titleNew feature

New sorting feature in Joget DX 8 version 8.1 onwards

Able to sort alphabetically thru hardcoded options in these form elements 

  1. Select Box
  2. Check Box
  3. Radio
  4. Grid
  5. Multi Select Box
  6. Popup Select Box
  7. Calculation Field
  8. Advanced Grid
  9. Form Grid
  10. List Grid

Description of Feature : 

  • Support sorting by headers and sorting control button
  • Click the pointed header or button as in figure below.After clicking the header or button, the column cells will be sorted alphanumerically,

  • The first numerical value in the sequence having priority over alphabetical characters in the string sequence.
  • For example, in the string 'test123', the first numerical value would be referring to '123'.
  • The first click will sort it in ascending order,(Numerical first : 123)   will be shown first
  • The second click will sort it in descending order.
  • Subsequent clicks on the same header will repeat this cycle of ascending and descending until a different header is selected. Empty cells are placed at the bottom of the column.
  • If the cells contain checkboxes instead, unchecked boxes will appear on top during ascending and the checked boxes at the bottom while during descending, checked boxes will appear on top and unchecked boxes at the bottom.

Download this sample app to see this new feature in action : APP_kb_dx8_grid_sort_feature.jwa

  1. Import the app
  2. Open the App Composer 
  3. Click on each Form Element in GridTest form
  4. Harcode any value to see the sortable Heading and button feature in the App Composer