Form Builder makes it easy for you to design your forms. You can easily build a web form by using the drag and drop method.

Figure 1: Form Builder

New Feature

In Joget DX 8 Form Builder, users can now search for palettes and also favourite their palette.

The user can search for the palette they desire by clicking on the search palette as shown in Figure 2.

Figure 2: Search Palette

Then type the name of the palette they want for example text, as shown in figure 3.

Figure 3: Search Palette Result

To favourite a palette, the user can do so by hovering their mouse cursor over a palette as shown in Figure 4. Then click the star icon to favourite the palette.

Figure 4: Favourite Palette

As shown in Figure 5, the favourited text field now shows at the top instead of the hidden field.

Figure 5: Favourite Palette Result

New Feature

In Joget DX Form Builder, the following are new features in the Advance Tools tab: Permission and Tooltip.

Keyboard Shortcut Keys

Shortcut KeyDescription
Ctrl + S

Save Builder

Ctrl + C

Copy Element

Ctrl + V

Paste Element

Ctrl + Z


Ctrl + Shift + Z


Form Design Elements


This particular section lists down elements that are making use of forms created using the Form Builder.

UI Element

Form Element

Form Validator

Form Data Store

Map Tools to Plugins

Builder Advanced Tools

Demo Apps, Tutorial and Plugins from Joget Marketplace

Do try out the many free apps, tutorials and plugins for Joget Form elements.

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