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Table of Contents



  1. Login to Joget Workflow as an administrator 

  2. Go to Settings > Directory Manager, and click on Configure Plugin for the Google Directory Manager 

  3. In the Plugin Configuration, click on the Advanced tab, fill up the following required information and click on Submit 

    Google Apps Domain

    Your G Suite domain e.g.

    Google Apps Admin Email

    The G Suite domain administrator email e.g.

    Joget Admin Users

    The list of usernames who will have Joget Workflow administrator access (separated by commas e.g. admin, demo)

    Fallback Admin Username

    The username to login as an administrator in case of misconfiguration

    Fallback Admin Password

    The password to login as an administrator in case of misconfiguration

  4. If the configuration is valid, the users and groups in Joget Workflow will automatically be retrieved directly from the G Suite domain.