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SpreadsheetElement ID of the form element.
LabelSpreadsheet label/title.

The spreadsheet column(s) is defined here.

ValueField ID of the column.

Column header title/label.

You can also include a tooltip that shows up when someone hovers over the column label.


Example label:

<span title='This tooltip will show when someone hovers over the column'>Column Label A</span>

Format Type

Defines the type of input to store.

Default format type is Text.

Available Data Types:

  • Text - format the value as text
  • Numeric - accepts a numeric value (See Format documentation)
  • Date - accepts a date type value
  • Time - accepts a time type value
  • Checkbox - appears as a checkbox to check
  • Dropdown - appears as a dropdown menu to select options
  • Autocomplete - autocompletes any known phrases
  • Password - obscures any alphanumerical value into a password
  • File - Accept file upload and render a file download link
  • Image - Accept image file upload and render a thumbnail
  • URL - Convert value to an URL
  • Hidden - Hidden column for storing formular value
  • Custom - Use custom setting to configure the column. Examples: Spreadsheet Custom Formats

Defines the format to show data on the spreadsheet based on the chosen format type.

  • Numeric - Key in format accepted by numbrojs library. (For example, 0.00 is to create 2 decimal places)
  • Date - Key in format accepted by moment.js library. (Default value: DD/MM/YYYY)
  • Time - Key in format accepted by moment.js library.(Default value: h:mm:ss a)
  • Dropdown - Key in Form ID that contains the equivalent dropdown element.
  • Autocomplete - See handsontable for samples.
  • File- Key in Form Def ID that contains File Upload form element.
  • Image - Key in Form Def ID that contains Image Upload form element.
  • URL - Provide an URL syntax. Example:{id}&name={name}
  • Hidden - Key in default value to be saved.
  • Custom - See handsontable for samples. Please put the setting json in {{ and }}. Example: {{"editor":"text"}}

Please note that any string within {{ and }} will be treat as setting json and used to configure the column.

Regex ValidationValidates input value to match the defined Regular Expression pattern.

Defines a formula to perform processing.


Example: sales + profit-loss

Please refer to formula.

ReadonlyDefines if the column is editable.