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  1. One will always start a new process instance using the latest process version of the current published version.
  2. By updating the process design in the same app version, all existing running process instances in the same app version will automatically be updated to the new process flow in the background.
    Do not perform this unless it is absolutely necessary in a production server.

    titleDo not repetitively update process design in a short time

    Process migration will takes place once process design is changed. Repetitive process change deployment will disrupt existing process instances migration in the background.
    You will be seeing the following sample log messages when migration takes place.

    Code Block
    INFO  28 Apr 2017 10:41:52$1  - Updating running processes for hr_expense from 4 to 5
    INFO  28 Apr 2017 10:41:54$1  - Completed updating running processes for hr_expense from 4 to 5
    titleProcess Migration
    The following will take place during migration of process instances:-
    1. Abort pending process instances.
    2. New process instances will be created. (A new process instance ID will be created in which you can find the linkage in the database table wf_process_link)
    3. Resume by matching previous pending activities IDs with the new Process version’s design.

    After you update the process design, do remember to check all the activity/plugin mappings to make sure that they are current and in sync with your process design.