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Advanced Settings
Advanced Settings


Enable internal used API key?

Enables a simplified authentication method for APIs in the API document to be used within Joget, without requiring configuration from the Manage API Key Menu userview menu.

This option allows a constant API key for convenient API calls within Joget context (example: writing AJAX API call in custom HTML), while still maintaining proper API key management via Manage API Key Menu userview menu for API calls from an external environment. Hence, persisting the same internal API key upon import/export app across different Joget instances.

Here is a sample script that utilizes this feature:

Code Block
            api_id : 'yourApiDocIdHere', 
            api_key : 'yourInternalApiKeyHere' 
        type: 'GET', 
        success: function(req) { 
Internal API keyKey in any characters of your choice here to represent the API key for internal use only.
Internal API key permissionManage the permission on who can call the APIs internally. See Permission Control.