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  • If for example wflow-commons build has failed, head to the cloned directory of joget_src performed during 3. Obtain Source Code
  • Then, browse to jw-community\wflow-commons
  • Edit the pom.xml file by opening with a notepad or other similar app that one wish to use
  • Press Ctrl + F then type maven-surefire-plugin then press enter
  • Set <skipTests>false</skipTests> to <skipTests>true</skipTests>
  • If maven-surefire-plugin is not found, copy and paste from other pom.xml or copy paste the code below under plugin section of the pom

    Code Block
  • If one is still unsure where to paste, paste under other </plugin>lines as shown in the figure below.

  • Repeat for any other build section that has failed
  • If the maven-surefire-plugin skipTests has been set to true and still fails
  • Set maven-war-plugin <version>x.x.x</version> to the version of maven-compiler-plugin's

7. Fixing plugin version

Failed to execute goal "org.apache.maven.plugins:maven-war-plugin:2.3:war" to fix this issue follow the steps bellow: 

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  • Open "joget_src\jw-community\wflow-consoleweb\pom.xml"
  • Make sure maven-war-plugin version according to maven-compiler-plugin

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