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Execute Process Action in Background?Click on the checkbox to set the assignment complete or run process to start in a separate thread. With this option enabled, the form will not wait until all the tools have been executed to return to the datalist.
Set all sections as readonly?

Click on the checkbox to set all section fields as readonly.

Figure 18: More Settings

Figure 19: Plugin Configuration


Enable clarification of selected activity?

Click on the checkbox to configure the following:

  • Clarification Activity
  • Clarify Button Label
  • Skip Validation?
  • Execute Tool After Return to Clarification Activity
  • Tooltip Message
  • Confirmation Message


Enable reassignment?

Click on the checkbox to configure reassignment:

  • Reassignment activity
  • Reassignment user options binder
  • Reassign button label
  • Skip Validation?
  • Execute tool after reassignment
  • Reassignment Update Assignee Field
  • Tooltip message

Process Withdrawal

Enable withdraw process?

Click on the checkbox to configure the withdraw process:

  • Execute tool after process withdrawal
  • Withdraw button label
  • Tooltip message
  • Confirmation message


Replace complete button with approve & reject button?

Click on the checkbox to configure the approval process:

  • Multi approval: for Disabled, All Assignee Approved & Any required number of assignee approved.
  • Approve button label.
  • Reject button label.
  • Tooltip message (Approve).
  • Confirmation message (Approve).
  • Tooltip message (Reject).
  • Confirmation message (Reject).


Enable comments?

Click the checkbox to configure comments:

  • Comments display mode
  • Exclude comments from activities
  • Show Activity Name?
  • Status Column Width (Default: 50%)
  • Number of Latest Comments Show by Default
  • Disabled Adding New Comment?
  • Comment Field Type
  • Set Comment Field As Mandatory?
  • Enable Attachment Field?

Process Status

Enable process status?

Click the checkbox to configure the process status:

  • Show Process Name?
  • Show Future Process Activities?
  • Show Skipped Activities?
  • Username Display Format


Process data table

Define the process data table name or leave as default. Best not to remove the "{appId}" marker string.
Update workflow variable & form data?

Click the checkbox to configure the workflow variable & form data update:

  • Workflow variable to store status: Key in the workflow variable id that will store the process status. 
  • Update draft status to workflow variable & form data: Click the checkbox to update draft status to workflow variable & form data.
  • Parent form field id to store status: Key in the parent form field id to store status
  • Custom process status value & label. Set the custom value and label for:
    • Approved
    • Rejected
    • Clarification
    • Reassignment
    • Withdrawal
    • Completed
    • Draft

Uninstalling The Plugin

The following are the individual plugins in the *Process Enhancements* bundle, which you can uninstall from "Admin Bar > Settings > Manage Plugins" if you do not want to use them in your Joget platform:

* Generate Process - Approval Process
* Generate Process - Assignment Process
* Assignment Datalist Action
* Assignment Form Actions
* Process List

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