Hi, All:

Refer to the instruction in Showing Process Instance (List Record) Data in a Form.

I found user just need to change the id number in the url, then he can see all the content of the forms that was submited by other people.

For example :




How can I prevent this ? 

Appreciate your kindly help.

Best Regards
Jonathan Yang

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  1. Guess we need to enforce some sort of permission checking.

    At the form the "applicationForm" item that is pointing to, open up the form in the form builder, go to "Properties", then "Permission" and implement your logic of validating the user in there.

    "applicationForm" is presumed to be a "Form Userview Menu"

    1. How about add another parameter in the url to prevent user attemp to see the forms submited by others.

      For example :


      if the second parameter doesn't match the dateset, then redirect it to a warning page.

      It's my gentle suggestion, hope you can consider it.


      Jonathan Yang

      1. Hi there,

        Thanks for your suggestion, we may consider this in the future product development.

        FYI, up to the Form itself, there are already multiple layers of permission control and checking in place.
        1. Userview itself
        2. Userview category
        3. Form itself
        4. Form section


        1. Hi :

          I tried to use other column to be the parameter, but it just showed a new application form. It seems Joget can only accept id to be the parameter.

          Thank you.

          Best Regards
          Jonathan Yang

          1. Hi Jonathan,

            You will need to make the appropriate changes to the source code first if you want to implement your extra checking logic. You may start with FormMenu.java. Please see https://github.com/jogetworkflow/jw-community/blob/3.1-SNAPSHOT/wflow-core/src/main/java/org/joget/apps/userview/lib/FormMenu.java

            Good luck.