Let's say I have a user group within my workflow in which everyone in that group has Task A in my workflow assigned to them. When the work item reaches Task A in the flow, everyone in that group now has Task A in their inbox. Now if I add a new user to this group, I would want that user to immediately receive all of the tasks that are assigned to those people in this group. However, this new user does not have any action items in their inbox, including Task A.

Has anyone else ran into this issue? Is there any way to populate a new user's inbox by assigning them any action items related to their group?



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  1. Go to activity instance Task A from "Running Processes" and hit on "Re-evaluate assignment(s) for user" then the new user will get it.

    1. Great! Thanks for your quick reply. Is there an easy way to do this for all of the Running Processes?

      1. Hi Nick,

        You may try to write your own implementation to loop through all running process instances and invoke the following call


        More info at JSON API.

        1. Ah! I was not aware there was an API call for reevaluate. Thank you very much!