HI, I am trying to create an app that will update its information according to some environment variables

What I've done so far:

1- Created the environment variables I needed in the ''Properties and Export'' tab.

2- Designed all of my app's processes in the Workflow Designer, adding the environment variables needed (participants variables and condition variables)

3- Created the users for all of my departments, creating groups when I had to map more than one participant in my Process Start White Lists.

4- Mapped of all my participants to the workflow variables needed. 

5- Add the environment variables needed as hidden fields in my forms with this syntax #envVariable.keyName# and* *mapped them to my workflow variables.

6- Created datalists for every form and input the following Extra Filter Condition on each of them: customProperties.formfieldID LIKE ('#envVariable.keyName#') 


When I tried starting a process with VSUP that was not included in the group variable in the Process Start White List, the process started instantly.

Here are some screenshots to help you understand:

Mapping user to workflow participant using workflow variables

 Users in the group mapped in my Process Start White List 

What did I do wrong????

What am I missing ???

Thanks for helping me

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  1. Hi there,

    I think something is missing here. You should not map process start list to a workflow variable which you can't set unless you can run the process. You must be able to run the process first then only you will be able to set the value of the workflow variable.

    Let me double confirm and get back to you soon.


  2. In order to assign tasks dynamically using WorkFlow variables I need to start the process first and to configure my forms accordingly, I get that.

    Still, I am able to map to the Username but cannot set a workflow participant to a group code.

    It seems that the functionality does not work well or I am certainly missing something here.

    Group code = Group ID or Group name or Another attribute??

    Thannk in advance for your help, I really need it.


    1. Hi Marc,

      It is the Group ID.

      Can you check in Monitor Apps if the assignment is mapped in accordance of your mapping? You will be able to see the users assigned when it takes place in the server log as well.

      The log will go something like the following:-

      INFO  06 Mar 2014 04:50:24 org.joget.workflow.shark.WorkflowAssignmentManager  - [processId=2089_leaveApp_applyLeave, processDefId=leaveApp#1#2089_leaveApp_applyLeave, participantId=manager, next user=[misui]]

      Please take note that such setting will only affect new assignments and not the currently running (already assigned) assignments.

      Good luck.

  3. Thanks for helping me!