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This process tool plugin allows you to send ADA from one account to another on the Cardano blockchain, with option to also embed form data into the transaction metadata.


Plugin Properties

Configure Cardano Send Transaction Tool

Network Type

Select the network to perform transactions on:

  • Mainnet
  • Testnet

"Mainnet" uses real-world currency(s).

Please use "Testnet" for testing purposes.

Blockfrost Project Key

The library used in this plugin integrates with Cardano node via Blockfrost backend APIs.

Go to and sign up for an account. There is a free account option. Paste in your generated mainnet/testnet project API key.

Transaction Details

Sender Address

Address to send funds from. Hash Variable is also accepted.

Sender Account Mnemonic Phrase

This is the sender's account secret key required in order to perform actions with the sender's account.

Only accepts Hash Variable that points to the sender's encrypted stored mnemonic phrase.


Account Mnemonic Phrase MUST be strictly secured at all times, and only viewable to the intended user. Do NOT key in the plain-text mnemonic phrase here.

Anyone who possesses this phrase has full unrestricted control and can do irreparable damage!

Receiver AddressAddress to send funds to. Hash Variable is also accepted.
Amount To Send (ADA)

Amount of ADA coin(s) to send.

Amount can only contain max 6 decimal places. Hash Variable is also accepted.

Enable Transaction MetadataIf enabled, additional configurations will be shown to allow embedding form data into the transaction metadata.

Only available if Enable Transaction Metadata property is checked.

Select a form to retrieve form data.


Only available if Enable Transaction Metadata property is checked.

Fields available here depends on the Form selected. Select the field(s) you wish to embed into the transaction metadata.

To learn more about transaction metadata, see

Transactions performed on the blockchain are publicly viewable, including its metadata, as it is intended primarily as a always-accessible proof of existence.

Do NOT directly embed sensitive information to the transaction metadata.

Store Response To Workflow Variable

Is Transaction Validated

To indicate if this transaction has been successfully validated.

This value will typically start with a false value. Only after the transaction has been confirmed/validated on the blockchain, only then this value will automatically be changed to true.

Transaction IDTo store the transaction ID of the transaction performed.
Transaction Explorer URLTo store an auto-generated URL to see transaction details on the official Cardano blockchain explorer.

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