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User logs in to external system and implicitly gains access to Joget Workflow without being prompted to login again.


  • Using '/web/json/directory/user/sso' JSON API.
  • You are allowed to call this method using JSON API Authentication or 
  • Directly passes the username and password with "username" and "password" parameters respectively shown in following example.

Using Basic Http Authentication with JSON API

  • Since V4, Joget Workflow is supported Basic HTTP Authentication in JSON API authentication, you can passing the credentials in the header.
  • ExampleAssuming the username and password required is "user1" and "password1" respectively, we can set the Basic Auth header to the JSON API using following jQuery script.

Using Javascript API

  • Includes the jQuery & util.js libraries. 
  • Using the AssignmentManager.login method for SSO.

  • Perform actions in callback of successful login.

Login an User Programmatically


Please note that if you are adding these code in a filter, you will need to store the SecurityContext to session.



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