I am developing an app that allows my internal stakeholder to submit a payment requisition (PR) and subsequently submit it for their superiors for their approval. The level of approvals will be determineby the PR amount. For instance, Head of Department (HOD) will have approval limit of up to RM 5000 and Chief Financial Officer (CFO) will have approval limit up to RM 10,000. The app will subsequently have information integrated from the Oracle eBS to the app and the app will also integrate the PR details to the Oracle eBS. The prototype of the app can be found in the below link 

1) Submission of manual invoice and payment requisition,https://marvelapp.com/6eg0e3d/screen/43446905

2) Invoice and payment requisition approval, https://marvelapp.com/3h0c76d/screen/43682604

To understand customer problem statement, please refer to this attachment. 



   If you are interested, please PM me as soon as possible. Thank you.

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