Dear Joget Members,

I can not find create_plugin.bat in Joget 3 Source Code?

So how to create a plugin in Joget 3? Just using mvn command?

Please, give me some tips. Thank you in advanced.

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  1. There isn't a project set up yet in its current stage so for now the easiest way is to download the attached herejogetv3-plugin-empty.tar.gz which should be a plugin starter pack. Extract the archive someplace, modify your pom.xml to something meaningful and start creating your java classes. Once done just do a standard build and it should package your OSGI plugin for you.

    Just a note tho that v3 supports non OSGI plugins as well so you can create just about any java jar and use those as plugins so long as you extend/implement the necessary classes/interfaces.

    1. Great!

      I see and thank you very much!