Datalist Inbox Userview Menu extends the usability of Datalist Builder's listing with the generic Task Inbox. Unlike the usual Task Inbox which has it's own set of predefined columns, Datalist Inbox Userview Menu enables you to select your own list, allowing you to display the key value of an item.  This increases productivity and cuts down time wasted clicking and checking each item.

Figure 1: Datalist Inbox Userview Menu (Inbox with Form Data)

Figure 2: Generic Task Inbox

In a Datalist Inbox, you will see assignments by cross matching assignments assigned to you with the entries in the chosen Datalist. In other words, Datalist Inbox will only return assignments available to you if the particular assignment has a corresponding record in the Datalist chosen. In a typical Inbox, you will see all the assignments that are assigned to you.

The Datalist Inbox is particularly useful in returning app/process/activity specific assignments, for example, "Travel Requests awaiting Approval" in which this listing will only return that specific type of assignments.

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