Install Prerequisites

  • Install Joget Workflow and ensure that it can run (very important step to create jar files that will be copied to the maven repository prior to compilation)
  • use the following directory to install to (C:\Joget-v3-Beta).
  • Install JDK 6
  • Install MySQL 5
  • Get and install Apache Maven from
  • Get and install  Git Client from

Install 3rd party libraries

  • Unzip the attached  into the Joget Workflow installation directory (C:\Joget-v3-Beta). This zip should contain 2 files: setup-maven.xml and shark-maven-2.0.1.pom.
  • In the Joget Workflow installation directory, execute the setup-maven.xml file using Ant to add the required 3rd party libraries into your local Maven repository apache-ant-1.7.1/bin/ant -f setup-maven.xml
  • NOTE: This step needs to be done for the first time only
  • NOTE: Open the setup-maven.xml file; replace "apache-tomcat-6.0.18/webapps/wflow-wfweb/" with "apache-tomcat-6.0.18/webapps/jw/" using your favorite text editor.
  • NOTE: Open the setup-maven.xml file; replace "apache-tomcat-6.0.18/webapps/wflow-designerweb/" with "apache-tomcat-6.0.18/webapps/jwdesigner/" using your favorite text editor.
  • Run the following command mvn install:install-file -Dfile=C:\Joget-v3-Beta\apache-tomcat-6.0.18\webapps\jwdesigner\WEB-INF\lib\jnlp-servlet-5.0.jar -DartifactId=jnlp-servlet -Dversion=5.0 -Dpackaging=jar -DgeneratePom=true

Obtain Source

  • Checkout the source from public mirror (use C:\Joget-v3-Beta\test as the directory you create to run Git in) at GitHub at . use the following command from a git bash screen: git clone , this will download the latest copy of the source files.
  • Ensure that you run the Git bash in the directory called C:\Joget-v3-Beta\test , this will create a subdirectory called  C:\Joget-v3-Beta\test\jw-community which will have all the source files of the project. 

Build Project

  • If you are using the MYSQL server provided with Joget, then run the following batch file mysql-start.bat to make sure it is running prior to the following steps.
  • If you are using an external MYSQL server then make sure that you have built the DB using the provided script C:\Joget-v3-Beta\data\jwdb-empty.sql, you must have done it to start Joget.
  • Build the wflow-app directory (main Joget Workflow web applications) cd wflow-app mvn install
  • If you have problems make sure that the C:\Users\your_login_name\wflow\ (if you are using winxp replace users with documents and settings, also note that this directory will be created during compilation if it is not present) points to the same DB and port number as whats available in C:\Joget-v3-Beta\wflow\  if not please correct this and run mvn clean install.
  • If every thing went fine you will get a sucess message indicating that all is fine.
  • copy the following files C:\Joget-v3-Beta\test\jw-community\wflow-designerweb\target\jwdesigner.war and C:\Joget-v3-Beta\test\jw-community\wflow-consoleweb\target\jw.war to the directory C:\Joget-v3-Beta\apache-tomcat-6.0.18\webapps
  • restart joget and you will have the latest version running now.
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