We are using LDAP for the authentication (AD). It's working good. When we are mapping to participiant we can see the username,lastname,email,firstname. It was great

But we can't see the logged in user information when i would like to use hash variable eg. #currentUser.username# , #currentUser.lastName# ... in a userview and beanshell plugin too.

What cause this problem? 

I see the user infomation stores in dir_user table, and a hash variable #currentUser.username# is searching in dir user. But when the LDAP plugin is Active dir_user table store only the admin information.

 How can i get the username,lastname,firstname in BEANSHELL plugin?(example code or something)

Can somebody help me?




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  1. hi everybody,

    i found this code:

    public static String getCurrentUsername()

        public static String getCurrentUserFullName()

    It's working good!!!!!

    if #import org.joget.workflow.util; you can use easily these methods. But only in beanshell.

    1. Does anyone know how i can use the hash variable with LDAP (AD) ?(beacuse the #currenUser.username#,#currentUser.lastName# and other user hash variable not working). i want to use in textbox,html page...

    Or exist other command when i using LDAP ?(instead of hash varible)

    Best regards,


    1. Hi Miklos,

      May I know which version of Joget are you using now?

      1. Hi Hugo,

        V3 Enterprise.

        1. Hi Miklos,

          It should work by now in the recent build of Joget Enterprise edition as previously, there were some methods in the Directory Manager that have been been fully implemented yet. The new build will be made available to the public soon. Thanks.

          1. Hi,

            Thank you very much the reply.

            Have a nice day,


            1. Hi Miklos,

              You are most welcome. I have just verified your use case here and it works on the latest build. Please stay tuned for the next version release soon. Thanks and have a nice day.