Datasource & Profile Settings management makes it easy for you to switch between different profiles that hold individual database settings. Only one active profile is allowed at any time.Joget Workflow is backed with Hibernate which enables it to connect to major RDBMS (Relational Database Management System). Out of the box, the Joget installer comes embedded with MySQL DBMS but it may be connected to other RDMBS easily such as Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, and so on.

Datasource Properties

NameDescriptionScreen (Click to view)
Select ProfileProfile selection for saved database profile

Figure 1: Datasource & Profile

Driver NameDatabase driver class path
URLJDBC connection string
UserDatabase credential - Username
PasswordDatabase credential - Password

Supported Databases

  • By default, Joget is preloaded with MySQL, Oracle, and Microsoft SQL server JDBC drivers. You may add in other libraries as needed.
  • Datasource & Profile is not available if you are on Joget Cloud.

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