I have started the JogetServer on my Windows 7 machine but i got the following exception:-

No properties path set - looking for transactions.properties in classpath...INFO: Deploying web application archive jw.war
No properties path set - looking for transactions.properties in classpath...
transactions.properties not found - looking for jta.properties in classpath...
Failed to open transactions properties file - using default values
        at com.atomikos.util.UniqueIdMgr.<init>(UniqueIdMgr.java:112)
        at com.atomikos.util.UniqueIdMgr.<init>(UniqueIdMgr.java:88)
        at com.atomikos.icatch.standalone.StandAloneTransactionManager.<init>(St

Baring in mind that this problem happened suddenly, as i use to start the server without any problem , and i did not install any new software ... So what might cause this error?

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  1. any help on the above problem, as i am unable to work on Joget any more.


  2. Hi John,

    By default, there are no properties file is set. Your problem seem like the atomikos log file is crash. To recover, you can try to manually delete the log file locale in your Joget Installation Directory. Those files is ended with ".epoch" file extension and files prefixed with "tm". Example:, tm.out, tmlog4.log. 

    Hope this help.

    Best regards.

    1. it worked 100% .. thanks

  3. please help me,

     I have to give path of properties file for database connection in forms. I am accessing that file from .war file but path is not getting.

    Please tell me how to give path in forms created in joget.