Transitions are the final piece of your puzzle and will essentially link all your workflow components together. To set transitions, click on the transition icon on your left menu (your mouse cursor should change into a transition image). Once done, first click on the activity that starts and then click on the next item it should join to. When you're finished, your process should look like:

Now transitions contain not only routing information but also rules as well. For instance, the transition between the supervisor and the HOD is contingent on the supervisor approving the leave application. In order to do this, we'll need to specify the necessary rules to make sure that the transition is traveled only when the conditions are right. To insert conditions into your transitions, simply double click on the transition, set the type to condition and then enter the condition expression into the expression text box. The expressions in Joget supports a full javascript interpreter. In this case, we want to ensure that the supervisor has approved the leave application before it heads to the HOD. In the expression box, key in:


Essentially, we're checking for the variable name "supervisorApproval" and ensure that the value contained is "yes". For more information about workflow variables, refer to ?Workflow Variables.