Hi community members!

We are currently making a series of short tutorial (5 minutes or less) to make learning to use the product faster and easier.

They are posted at https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLFOgRDg2hmNLWgi1AnTM279lOPn70VijU

We would like to hear from you guys on what kind of video titles that you want us to make.

The higher the vote for a title (answer), the more likely that we will prioritize and look into it!


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    2 answers


      for me, a detailed way how to install and develope a plugin! 


      1. Hugo

        Hey there, I think 5 minutes will be a little bit too short to talk about this topic. Feel free to check out http://dev.joget.org/community/display/KBv5/Developer+Guide. I believe there are a lot of things can be learned from there. Thanks.

      2. jedi

        hi, yeah i tried to read those pages but i cant seem to make it work.

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      Hi Hugo,

      Agree with the how to develop a plugin (even though it would be a lot more time intensive than the 5 minute series).

      Something for the 5 Minute series might be:

      • Customising your forms with Custom HTML (new buttons, google maps f.e.)
      • Using custom CSS to style select boxes, buttons, etc.
      • Optimise your web app for the Joget iOS / Android App and mobile
      • Creating a user settings page (with workflow or environment variable management)
      • Make your processes dynamic by using hash variables instead of static content (think dynamic deadlines, routing, JSON API calls, etc.)
      • Creating a custom Userview with iFrames

      Hope that gives you some inspiration - happy for other people to pick up the ones they would like to see.


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