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Check out Joget DX, the next generation successor to Joget Workflow for faster, simpler digital transformation.

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The Admin Bar is first introduced in Joget Workflow v4 that provides administrators a consistent (and convenient) way of managing apps and users.

In Joget DX, we take it further and improved it making it even more intuitive than ever supporting touch-enabled devices.

Get Started

Here are the steps to access the Admin Bar:

StepsScreens (Click to view)

  1. In the App Center, login as an administrator. The default administrator credential in a standard installation is as follows:

    Administrator Default Login

    Username: admin
    Password: admin

  2. The Admin Bar can be accessed by pressing on the big pencil icon on the bottom right. (see Figure 1)

  3. From the Admin Bar, you will gain access to all the features. (see Figure 2)

  4. At any time, clicking on the Joget logo on the bottom left will bring you back to the App Center, while clicking on any of the other buttons will open an overlay over the current window.

  5. Try clicking on All Apps. This opens an overlay showing all the published and unpublished apps. 
    You will also find options for you to design a new app or to import App created from elsewhere too. 

  6. To close the overlay window, click on the large red X button on the top right. (see Figure 3)

Figure 1

Figure 2

Figure 3

Admin Bar Properties

NameDescriptionScreens (Click to view)

Clicking on the Joget Logo will open up the App Center

Figure 4

Figure 5

All Apps

Opens up an overlay displaying all the Published and Unpublished Apps

This option is only available if you are at the App Center screen

Forms & UI

direct the Quick Overlay to the Forms & UI menu

This option is only available when you are in an App


direct the Quick Overlay to the Processes menu

This option is only available when you are in an App


direct the Quick Overlay to the Properties and Exports menu

This option is only available when you are in an App


direct the Quick Overlay to the Setup Users


direct the Quick Overlay to the Monitoring Apps


direct the Quick Overlay to the General Settings

Quick Edit: On / Off

Toggle to enable Performance Analyzer and Using Quick Edit Mode

This option is only available when you are in an App

Java VM Stats and Database Connection Pool Status Bar

Clicking on the Bar will redirect the Quick Overlay to display the App's Application Performance Management

Maximizes the Quick Overlay

Figure 6

Toggle to Pin or unpin the Quick Overlay

Moving the mouse away from overlay will shrink it to a corner

Hide Quick Overlay

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