Dynamic Cascading for Select Box / Radio button / Checkbox

Since Version 3.0.3, Joget added support for Dynamic Cascading for Select Box / Radio button / Checkbox. This allows these fields to dynamically load available options based on the other field value.

How it works?

It load all the available options at once then show/hide it when the value of controlling field is change. Please refer to Dynamic Cascading Drop-Down List to understand about this feature.

Ajax Cascading Drop-Down List

Since Version 4.0.0 release, Joget enhanced this feature to support Ajax loading of cascade options.

Tremendous performance improvement

This feature helps to improve the performance when you have a huge number of options and when you only want a few options shown that is related to your controlling field to be loaded and shown.

Turning on with just a flick of switch

Figure 1: Turning on AJAX Cascading feature

To turn AJAX loading on, you only need one extra step from Dynamic Cascading Drop-Down List tutorial.

Check on the checkbox of "Use AJAX for cascade options?" when you are configuring the Options Binder.

This property option is currently available in:-

Do try the free Joget app ISIC List from Joget Marketplace which has a good example on the use of the Ajax Cascade Drop Select Box.

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