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Default Form Options Binder allows for rows to be retrieved from an existing Form Data to be used as options.

How to use Default Form Options Binder

Default Form Options Binder Properties

NameDescriptionScreen (Click to view)
FormSource form to load records from

ID ColumnField ID from source form to set as the option value. (Default: id)
Label ColumnField ID from source form to set as option label. (e.g. name)
Grouping ColumnField ID from source form to set as option grouping value.
Extra Filter ConditionFilter conditions in HQL to refine the selections.
Add Empty OptionIf checked, an empty option will be added to the selections.
Empty Option LabelEmpty option label. Only in use when Add Empty Option is checked.
Use AJAX for cascade options?When checked, this allows these fields to dynamically load available options based on the other field value (grouping column) when dealing with a tremendous amount of selections. Read more at Ajax Cascading Drop-Down List.

Form Options Caching

NameDescriptionScreen (Click to view)
Sync Cache Interval

How often to activate cache synchronization (in seconds).

For example, when set to 180 seconds, background synchronization in the server will take place every 180 seconds to refresh with the new/latest data.

Pause sync after idle

How long to wait to pause synchronization after idle.


For example, this may be used in conjunction with User Option Binder to return all the users into a dropdown selection. If the users' records are large (in the ten of thousands), it is recommended to set the "Pause sync after idle" to a larger value and the sync will continue to update the cache in the background. If the dropdown selections are unlikely to change in a very short interval, it is recommended to set the "Sync Cache Interval" to a larger value too so that the server does not perform a new cache again in a short span of time.

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