Once you have completed building Joget community edition from its source code and finished Customizing Your OEM Build, you may consider to package them into a windows installer bundle. In this example, we will be using Nullsoft Scriptable Install System (NSIS) that is also being used in Joget.

Setting Up The Environment

  1. Download and install the latest NSIS package from its respective website.

Preparing the NSI Script

  1. We will need to prepare the NSI Script. It is a manifest file that describes what should be packaged into the bundle later on.
  2. A sample NSI script can be located in \jw-community-7.0-SNAPSHOT\wflow-install\src\main\resources\setup.nsi. This is the script for Joget Community edition.
  3. You can use any text editor to edit the file.
  4. Copy the following files from \jw-community-7.0-SNAPSHOT\wflow-install\src\main\resources\ and paste it into any existing Joget installation folder i.e \Joget-DX7-Enterprise
    1. setup.nsi
    2. jwdb-sample.sql from data folder 

Adding Custom plugins into the Bundle

  1. If you have any customs plugins that you wish to add into the bundle, copy the .jar files into the existing Joget installation folder \Joget-DX7-Enterprise\wflow\app_plugins.

Building The Bundle

  1. Once you have modified the setup.nsi script to suit your OEM Build, open the NSIS application and compile the NSI script located in the existing Joget installation folder.
  2. Upon completion, a setup.exe file will be created.
  3. You may now distribute the installer using the file created.
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