Before You Begin

There are at least 3 mandatory skillsets required in preparing the OEM Build.

Full-Stack Java Developer

Preparing and customizing the OEM Build requires the competency levels of a full-stack Java developer. You should be familiar and comfortable with technologies used in developing Joget (i.e. Setting up and using GIT, Maven, JDK, IDE, Databases, etc).

Make sure that you are able to complete building Joget community edition from its source code first before going further.

As the developer, you will need to work hand in hand with the graphics designer in translating the aesthetic UI/UX into code. You will also need to seek valuable inputs Joget App Designer to understand the underlying platform itself to customize the OEM build with your own additional offerings such as customized App Center, applications, and plugins.

You would also be responsible for assembling the final pieces together to create the OEM Build.

Depending on your go-to-market strategy and target audience, you may also want to package the OEM build (war file) into installers (.exe). Please study how Joget packages it using NSIS by studying the code at

Graphics Designer

As the graphics designer, you will need to work with the Joget App Designer who knows his/her way around the Joget platform in building/maintaining apps in understanding the design language of the Joget platform. With the information on hand, you would then be able to understand the platform and get into the creative process of creating customizing the OEM build.

Joget App Designer

Joget App Designer plays a critical role in delivering the OEM Build. You will need to work with the graphics designer and the full-stack Java developer to make sure that the final outcome of the build satisfies the features, needs, and intents of the to-be product to deliver the key points laid out by your organization.

You will need to make sure that the new product functions accordingly with its new feature set, user interface (UI) and user experience (UX).

Building Flow

  1. Overall Build Flow For OEM Build
  2. Customizing Your OEM Build
  3. Creating a Windows Installer for Your OEM Build
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