Changing Default Datasource Settings 

  1. Locate your file in your wflow directory (/home/myaccount in Linux and /Documents and Settings/myaccount in Windows).
  2. Open file using any text editor.
  3. Make changes where necessary (anything from username, passwords. connection URLs, etc).
  4. Save file and restart Joget.

Working with Datasource Profiles

If you're continually working with different datasource sets and don't want to keep commenting/uncommenting and/or renaming property files, you can make use of the profiles that are available. In your home directory, you'll (by default) find 2 files that deal with datasource settings. The file points to the current profile that should be used, and you'll see that should contain the details of your connection pools. To create a new profile, simply create a new properties file that is prefixed with "app_datasources-". If our new datasource profile is called "mynewprofile" then we're looking at:

  1. Create new file called in your wflow directory (/home/myaccount in Linux and /Documents and Settings/myaccount in Windows).
  2. Edit the file using a text editor and specify your connection settings. Save file when done.
  3. Open and point your currentProfile to mynewprofile. Save file when done.
  4. Restart Joget.

Running on Other Databases

Joget also allows you to run on databases apart from the default MySQL that comes with the bundle. For information on how to make those connections, refer to the resources below:

Increase the Limit of Items/Elements in Form/Datalist/Userview Builder and Process Builder

In Joget Workflow, all your designed forms, datalists, userviews and also the process flows are stored in the database. The number of items/elements you can add in to your builder is actually limited by the database column that store the definition of your design. To increase the limit, you can do the following steps for each builder. 

The steps outlined below are applicable to MySQL database only. Please consult your database administrator for steps pertaining to other databases.  

1. Increase the "max_allowed_packet" setting in my.ini of MySQL for huge data. At the end of the my.ini file content, add this line:


2. Increase the limit of Process Builder (Workflow Designer); run the following SQL:


3. Increase the limit of Form Builder; run the following SQL:


4. Increase the limit of Datalist Builder; run the following SQL:

ALTER TABLE app_datalist CHANGE json json LONGTEXT;

5. Increase the limit of Userview Builder; run the following SQL:

ALTER TABLE app_userview CHANGE json json LONGTEXT;

6. Increase the limit of Process Tool Plugin properties; run the following SQL:

ALTER TABLE app_package_activity_plugin CHANGE pluginProperties pluginProperties LONGTEXT;

Joget DX on MySQL 8

Joget DX supports MySQL 8 database as Joget comes preinstalled with MariaDB drivers v2.5.0 to support MySQL 8 default caching_sha2_password authentication.

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