This is a sample application meant to demonstrate the use of Subflow with each process maintaining its own Form table setup.


Figure 1: Process A

Process A will invoke Process B when the condition is met.

Figure 2: Process A's Subflow entity Properties

Figure 3: Process B (Subflow) Properties

The Workflow Variable from Process A (statusA) (see Figure 2) will be passed into Process B's (statusB) (see Figure 3)  and will also be returned upon completion of the Subflow (Process B) as it has been set to "In and Out".

Figure 4: Process B

Upon completion of "Approve B" in Process B, Workflow Variable from Process B (statusB) will be returned to Process A (statusA).

Figure 5: Form Table Setup

Figure 6: Demo of the Workflow

Both processes maintain their own form table setup while being able to access each other's dataset seamlessly.

Download Demo App

Download: APP_test_process_subflow_dx_kb.jwa

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