Platform Entity Data Store provides data set access to entities related to the platform and system level.

Figure 1: Sample Datalist using Platform Entity Data Store to Retrieves Data From Form Data Audit Trail Entity

Platform Entity Data Store Properties

Configure Platform Entity Data Store

Figure 2: Configure Platform Entity Data Store


The entity to retrieve dataset from.

Choosing entity related to App (i.e. Datalist Definition) will produce another option called

Only retrieve from current App version? to optionally return data related only to the current App the datalist is built on.
Full list of available entity data stores are as follows:

  • App Definition
  • App Message
  • Audit Trail
  • Datalist Definition
  • Department
  • Employment
  • Employment Report To
  • Environment Variable
  • Form Data Audit Trail
  • Form Definition
  • Grade
  • Group
  • Organization
  • Package Definition
  • Plugin Default Properties
  • Report - App
  • Report - Workflow Activity
  • Report - Workflow Activity Instance
  • Report - Workflow Package
  • Report - Workflow Process
  • Report - Workflow Process Instance
  • Resource Bundle Message
  • Role
  • Setting
  • User
  • User Extra Info
  • User Password History
  • User Replacement
  • Userview Definition
  • Workflow Process Link

Filter Conditions

Join Type
  • And
  • Or

Field ID. (e.g. title)

  • Equal
  • Not Equal
  • Greater Than
  • Greater Than Or Equal
  • Less Than
  • Less Than Or Equal
  • Like
  • Not Like
  • In
  • Not In
  • Is True
  • Is False
  • Is Null
  • Is Not Null
ValueFilter value.

Additional condition(s) for filtering the data set. HQL is expected here.

Download Sample App

Sample app to demonstrate the use of Platform Entity Data Store for Joget Enterprise DX: 





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