List Builder offers an intuitive way of constructing a list of cumulative field values from all workflow process instances associated with the selected form. In other words, any time a user fills out a form, a row is added/updated in the database table associated with that form, and the data is presented in a list.

Columns can be rearranged be dragging it across other columns in the List.

You can export all the records in the List to CSV, Excel, XML, and PDF by clicking on the links at the bottom of any list.

Keyboard Shortcut Keys

Shortcut KeyDescription
Ctrl + S

Save Builder

Ctrl + C

Copy Element

Ctrl + V

Paste Element

Ctrl + Z


Ctrl + Shift + Z


List Properties

Configure List

List IDList unique id. List will use this id in the URL for the list if the Custom ID is empty. Mandatory Field.
List NameList name. Mandatory Field.
  • Table - Classic
  • Card - App Icon
  • Card - Simple
  • List - Column Data
  • List - Simple
Hide Page Size SelectorHides the page size selector when selected. 
Page Size Selector OptionsShows the options of the page size to be shown. Example(10,20,30,40,50,100)
Page SizePage size is a select-box containing the values added in the Page Size Selector Options.
  • DESC
  • ASC
Order ByColumn to be sorted by.
DescriptionDescription of the list.
Use Session to store List StateUse Session to store List State.
Only Show Data When Filters Are submitted?Hides all data until filters are submitted.

Consider Filter Value When Get Total Size?

Consider Filter Value When Get Total Size.
Display Row Actions Single ColumnDisplay Row Actions Single Column.

Responsive Settings

Disable Responsive Feature Disables Responsive Feature only in themes supporting responsive UI.
Responsive Mode
  • Responsive Follow Window Width
  • Responsive Follow Parent Width


This particular section list elements that are making use of lists created using the list Builder.

UI Element

Form Element

Advance Tools

Demo Apps, Tutorial and Plugins from Joget Marketplace

Do try out the many free apps, tutorials and plugins for Joget List elements.

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