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Please assist me on:

1)      How can we use our own code to add more functionality to form?

2)      Is this possible to create a custom plug-in and add in the plug-in list which can be configured to use in a form whenever required?

3)      Can we dynamically hide the form fields, form sections at specific workflow levels?

I will appreciate if you can share other areas where it is possible to add our own code for adding more functionality.

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  1. Hi Amarjit,

    1) You can use client-side JavaScript in a Custom HTML element, or build a Form Element Plugin

    2) Yes, a Form Element Plugin that is uploaded to the platform will show up in the Form Builder. All the elements you see in the palette are essentially plugins to the core platform.

    3) There's an article Show and Hide Form Sections that might help

    You might want to start exploring how to develop plugins at Extending Functionality - Developing Plugins. Plugins will allow you to extend the functionality of the platform in most areas.

    Hope this helps!

    Best Regards