Hi there,

I am a newbie to Joget workflow. I downloaded the gmail plugin package, but how do I upload it to the workflow and use it for one of my process?


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  1. Hey,

    What Joget version are you using? Where did you get the plugin? To send out email, just map it to a generic email tool and configure accordingly. You don't need a gmail plugin. https://www.digitalocean.com/community/articles/how-to-use-google-s-smtp-server


    1. Hi Walter,

      I am using a trial v3 of Joget. I donwloaded the plugin from http://marketplace.joget.org/

      The reason of using that is because I saw a thread in the forum, I cant user gmail smtp server as it requires SSL/TSL connection, and it suggested to use the gmail plugin.

      Any idea how to install a plugin?


      1. Hi there,

        You can use the generic Email Tool that comes by default with your Joget. Please see Email Tool.


        1. Is Joget email tool support gmail? I tried, never able to send out email.... :(

          1. Hi Jacelyn,

            Yes it does, we are using it on everyday's basis as well. What error are you getting? Can you check your server log for the error stack trace?