Good afternoon-

We are using Joget as a way to draft/approve/implement fund agreements. We will have multiple processes running at the same time. Is there a way to prioritize these at all in your inbox? For example, lets say my accounting department rejects our first draft but in the time it got to accounting, 3 other draft agreements were started. The rejected draft should get top priority so the donor doesn't wait too terribly long for this. If you can't prioritize that way, is there at least a way to list in the inbox that this came from a rejected decision point? 

Great product. Really looking forward to implementing this soon!

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  1. Wondering if anyone had any thoughts on how to prioritize tasks in your inbox. Any help would be appreciated!

  2. Hi Nick,

    You might want to consider using the Datalist Inbox Userview Menu (Inbox with Form Data) instead of the standard Inbox. The Datalist Inbox allows you to use your own custom datalist.

    Hope this helps!